About Me

My love for stickers started when one day, when I was in school, my dad bought some sticker sheets for me and my sister. They were of some cartoon charcters, colourful and meant to be used in notebooks. We ended up sticking them on our walls, cupboards and doors. Everywhere BUT notebooks! 
As a child, I always loved drawing cute, tiny sketches. I would try to copy cartoons from Disney books, greeting cards, comic books etc. My last pages of school notebooks were always filled with random sketches.
And I am happy to say that now this childhood hobby is my actual job!
Hi! My name is Gauri and I am the human behind LeisurelyScribbles. Based in a vibrant city Mumbai, India, I love working with vivid colors and painting beautiful illustrations and creating stickers (and other stationery like notepads) only for you! When not painting, I am usually drinking coffee or reading murder mysteries or (sometimes) cooking.

Thank you for visiting my store, which is my own small world in this vast universe of internet. I hope you find something that makes your heart smile!